ABC’s of Summer Adventures

When I was a teacher, we always had so much fun counting down to summer by doing the well-loved “ABC Countdown”.  During the summer, the kids and I love to soak up every bit of fun that summer has to offer so I created an ABC Countdown for our summer days!  Enjoy those magical, sunshiney days!

A is for Art

Make an art project or two using a summer theme!

B is for Bubbles

Make a bubble solution and let the kids go crazy! Here is a recipe that we like!

C is for Camping:

If you’re an outdoorsy family, head outside! If not, set up a makeshift tent in the living room and make some s’mores!

D is for Dinosaurs

We love dinosaurs around here! Make these awesome dinosaur hats and march around your living room to “We are the Dinosaurs” by the Laurie Berkner band! Best. Morning. Ever.

E is for Experiment

Here are some really fun ideas!

F is for Frozen

My kids are Frozen fanatics! This looks like so much fun for a hot day!

G is for Garden

Get out in the garden and get some dirt under those little nails.

H is for Hopscotch

You know the drill…get out the chalk and get to hopping!

I is for Ice Cream

Make ice cream OR go to your favorite ice cream shop. Our absolute favorite is Capannari Ice Cream. Not only is their ice cream to die for (coming from someone who doesn’t love ice cream), they often have concerts in the park adjacent to the ice cream shop. This is one of our favorite summer night outings.

J is for Jump Rope

Teach your tot to jump rope!

K is for Kites

Go learn to fly a kite. If the weather isn’t cooperating, make this instead.

L is for Lemonade

Make fresh, homemade lemonade!

M is for Music

Make some music or listen to some new tunes.

N is for Neighbors

Bake your neighbors a treat and deliver!

O is for Obstacle Course

This is one that I usually let Daddy build.  He loves to go out in the yard after the kids go to bed and surprise them with an obstacle course upon waking. So fun!

P is for Park Picnic

Pack up your lunches and head out to a new park!

Q is for Quick Trip

Take a quick trip…maybe check out something you’ve been wanting to try.

R is for Reading

Hit up your local library!

S is for Swimming

Need I say more?

T is for Transportation

This is an excellent opportunity to take the train somewhere. My kids love taking the train!

U is for Under the Sea

What animals live under the sea? Maybe you could hit up the aquarium today.

V is for Volcano

Make an erupting volcano together and watch the kids’ eyes light up!

W is for Water

All. Things. Water.

X is for eXplore

A new park. A new city. A new corner of the backyard.

Y is for Yo-Yo

Teach your child how to yo-yo!

Z: Zoo Day!

Get out to your local zoo!


Of course you can just add these ideas to your own summer bucket list, but I love following along with a calendar.  Each day, my kids are so excited to see our theme.  As much as I love a routine and schedule, I also love spontaneity. Each Friday is Field Trip Friday in our house, so I have included those as well!  Click below to download your own FREE calendar.


ABC’s of Summer









10 thoughts on “ABC’s of Summer Adventures

  1. I am in love with this! It is such a cute and fun idea. It could get the little ones involved too as you go through the alphabet. I just did my summer activities list & now I will have to add a few of these.

  2. Wow!! Excellent post, I didn’t think you’ll get something to do for each letter of the alphabet, I’ll save this for when summer comes and I’m stuck witj the kids for 3weeks!!! 😉👍

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