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Solar Eclipse Celebration for Toddlers

How to Observe a Solar Eclipse with Toddlers

Hey guys! I’ve heard a ton about the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 and I bet you have, too. I have two extra kids with me that day so traveling to an area where we can see the total eclipse is out of the question. Luckily, in the Chicago area, we will be able to see an eclipse of 85%-90%.  While I really want to see the eclipse and share it with my children, they are really young to understand so I’ve brainstormed ways to make this special event just that-special for them! Here’s my plan.


First things first. These little ones need to understand what a solar eclipse is! In short, it’s pretty amazing and something we rarely get to see.  It’s when the moon goes in between the earth and the sun, blocking out the sun. So, it looks like nighttime during the day! After demonstrating what happens, I plan on showing my littles this video.  There are a few on YouTube, but I chose this one because my kids are really musically inclined and will enjoy it!


  1. We are going to paint paper plates to model the eclipse. JDaniel4’s Mom created this activity and I think it is a fantastic way for kids to have a hands-on way to manipulate the sun and moon. It is fun and easy for really little kids to understand. We will definitely be making these!
  2. Second, we will color these solar eclipse coloring pages because my kids love coloring! It’s easy for me and fun for them! Win-win!   Solar Eclipse Coloring Pages
  3. Books and Giggles has a fabulous compilation of children’s books about the Solar Eclipse. We will definitely be visiting the library to check some of these out!

Solar Eclipse Snacks

  1. Make homemade moon pies! YUM! Wilde in the Kitchen has a delicious recipe to try.
  2. I love this idea! Baking sun cookies and using Oreos to demonstrate the eclipse!


The big event. We plan on heading out to a park with big, open skies and enjoying a picnic while we safely (with legit viewing glasses) view the eclipse. I am so excited to see how the kids will react to the eclipse and the darkness we will experience.


How will you be celebrating the Solar Eclipse of 2017?


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